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November 13, 2008


The pie may not have been very good but your photos in this post are, Claire! Very pretty. I love that white plate.

Also -- love your pie logo/icon drawing thingy!

LOVE the pie logo :)

I love the logo!

You know something? I got a pie pumpkin from our last CSA veggie share this year that I have yet to use. Maybe I'll have to make some pie. I've been experimenting with new pie crust recipes recently and think I have a good one. Not to give away too many family secrets, but adding a bit of nutmeg to the dough does wonders.

It's the time of year for bad pie. I think you need to get a little soap box (pastry box?) on which to rally against this. People seem to think that it is too time consuming to make pie and buy the $6 Jewel pies in a panicked last minute run to the grocery store. The truth is that even store bought crust and cans of pumpkin can be doctored to make a fairly kick-ass pie.

LOVE the logo. The chicken lives!!

Also, you should consider doing a post on "products we love." I need to go all infomercial on my winter facial cleanser. The Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser. It's changing my whole attitude toward winter. I just bought it this weekend and need to preach.

I love the PFR logo! Very cool. Too bad that pumpkin was only 2.5--I fancy sweet potato myself!

"You never want a poor pie experience."

Your logo is great and the pies look delectable. The only poor pie experiences that bother me are when I've made the pie. Store bought pie? No big loss. Making Manny's birthday pie with a broken finger and having it look less than spectacular, with the blueberries a little runny for the third year in a row? That's sad.

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